EBH Norris

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Norris is getting an upgrade, stay tuned for details

Known for our exclusive hockey training tools, edgebosshockey delivers with the EBH Norris.

  • Norris is used by goalies and skaters alike.
  • Practice like you play: Goalies see 100% of the shots in practice, yet as low as 10% in a game.
  • Shooters learn to change angle with a realistic defender.
  • Sticks can be used in Norris to create the ultimate Hurdle.
  • This hockey training tool can be used solo with included Skates or together with the Rebounder.
  • Designed to withstand the hardest Pro shooters and not tip over.
  • This hockey training aid is easy to assemble and move around the ice.
  • Create Passing Lanes and Obstacles.
  • Teach D men to find shooting lanes.