3D Tendy

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the Revolutionary 3D TENDY



Industry First 


Built like a good goalie - Tough and Challenging to score on!

3D - Less net to shoot at the closer you get. 

3D - a 3' change of angle opens up 22% more net. (see photo ⬅️)

Bring lots of pucks - 3D Tendy doesn't need a water break.

Folds easily into a 28x47x2" profile for storage / transport.

Built to last. Weighs in at under 30 kg / 66 pounds

Convenient handholds for transportation.

54 second setup / 14 second Removal.

Secured to Net via a Howies Skate Lace on each post.

Carbide tips. Reversible.

Shooters dream - have multiple shooters at once for max reps!

Practice sharp angle top cheddar goals over and over and over.

Accepts EBH STICK and MINISTICK for in tight challenge.

QUICK & EASY to shoot pucks out. There won't be many.

3D Tendy trains good habits - shoot for MESH not targets!

3D Tendy features  "modern era" scoring zones

3D Tendy extensively tested and developed for over 2 years.

Like all EBH gear, only premium parts are used and 3D Tendy is no exception.

We don’t use cheap imported nuts and bolts.

We want your investment in EBH gear to last.

Shipping July 2022 

See the Use And Care Page for
3D TENDY Set up, Fold Up, Care and Maintenance