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EBH Blockers are an industry first rugged and stable addition to your edgebosshockey line up. 

If you take your training seriously then no practice should ever be without an EBH Blocker! Designed for use with Pro Shooters and not failing, EBH Blockers are an industry first and have withstood the test of time.

Goalies: Ask yourself this simple question: how many shots does a goalie see from blade to net with no traffic during a game - a typical answer is 70-90%. Now ask the same question during practice and you'll find completely opposite results. Goalies need to read shooting body language! Practice like you play!

Shooters: We've made it as easy as possible to put a life size "Blocker" in harms way that has good intentions but often screens your goalie - something your shooters need to learn to take advantage of! Pylons don't work - the net needs to be obscured for the shooter! Change your shooting angles with a life size defender! DMen - get it past that first shin pad!! Find a lane!

If transportation is important to you then all 3 Blockers conveniently fold to a compact 24x48 suitcase by simply removing a thumb screw. They fit anywhere due to their thin profiles. 

All 3 EBH Blockers utilize replaceable sharp Carbide tipped Cleats to hold them securely in the ice.

EBH Blockers take the abuse and always live to fight another day. They can also be used to simulate tight board play, create passing lanes, and add an EBH Stick to Norris and Manny to create the Ultimate life size Hurdle! There are endless uses. EBH Blockers will make your Goalies and Shooters better - period.

All 3 Blockers have perfectly placed large handholds that easily fit a hockey glove for quick on-ice staging with only one hand because we all know coach's can't skate without a stick!! 😱

All EBH BLOCKERS are delivered to you ready to use.

Like all EBH gear, only premium parts are used and EBH Blockers are no exception. We don’t cheap out on cheap imported nuts and bolts.
We want your investment in EBH gear to last.

Hockey Touch Example

Pick one of our 3 Blockers and take your training to game level:


24x48 one piece solid design, uses 2 skates (included with purchase).  Manny is our Entry Level EBH Blocker but in price only.  Made from the same material as his younger siblings, Manny takes a beating and comes back for more. Up to two Mannys can fit in an EBH Rebounder, eliminating the need for the included skates, if desired.  One Manny with 2 PickPockets will fit in an EBH Rebounder! Or, just use the included Skates to place Manny anywhere you need it and free up your Rebounder for another station.  Manny accepts one EBH Stick or MiniStick to create an amazing Life Size Hurdle.


(Skates or Rebounder must be used, EBH Stick on its own will not support Manny)


48x48 in the Action configuration, Norris can collapse quickly (if needed) to a 24x48 suitcase in the storage / transport configuration. Norris accomplish's everything Manny does, and then some. Norris's down leg sits just off the ice, allowing a flat pass under for some blind 1-T's. Game like practice! Norris requires only One Skate for use, making an already fast assembly time even faster. Up to two Norris's can fit in an EBH Rebounder, eliminating the need for the included Skates, if desired. Use one Norris with 1 PickPocket in an EBH Rebounder! Or, use the included Skate to place Norris anywhere you need it, such as up top to train those D to get pucks through! Norris also has the ability to accept two EBH Sticks for more options such as an EBH Stick protruding out each way. 

(Skates or Rebounder must be used, EBH Sticks on their own will not support Norris)

The Goon

With an amazing 1 piece design that includes arms that rotate to any angle, The Goon simulates a 6'2" Pain in the Arse that makes your goalies work to see shooters - just like 70-90% of their saves in a game!  Why not practice like you play? In 16 seconds Maniac can fold to a 24x48 suitcase for transportation and/or storage. The Goon comes with two 32" Skates designed specifically for the "big guy"!