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EBH Sticks and MiniSticks need an EBH support.

We have developed 3 different Supports for you to choose from.

EBH’s design philosophy with our SUPPORTS is the same as our STICKS: we want maximum speed and we don’t want the puck to kill the drill if the puck is poorly placed.

We believe poorly placed pucks should be disrupted, not stopped, to create an  unpredictablehockey touch”.

This gives the player the opportunity to find the puck at game speed and continue through the sequence  -  just like in a game.

This philosophy not only follows the principles of reactive agility training, but gets more players through your stations in less time, increasing reps.

All SUPPORTS have sharp Carbide Tips to help secure your creation on the ice. They are also removable and replaceable with a ¼ inch socket drive.

In order for a STICK to create a HURDLE ;
or a MINISTICK to create a DUMMY;

(All SUPPORTS can be used for both the STICK and the MINISTICK):


Link is 24” wide and has Multiple Notches for running multiple STICK / MINISTICK in opposite directions, if desired.

LINK requires more lateral movement to avoid contact due to its 24” width. 

Typically LINK is used with a MINISTICK to create a DUMMY, but some prefer LINKS on the STICK for their HURDLES. Personal Preference. 

LINK is the most stable support. When LINK is used to create your DUMMY or HURDLE you will find it impossible to upset.

Using LINK in you HURDLE or DUMMY is SET and FORGET - it won’t upset!


MOON is 12” wide and is the most popular SUPPORT as it offers a nice balance between stability and forward skating. 


GHOST as a puck placement disrupter:

The GHOST was designed primarily as a mid shaft disrupter for increased puck placement challenge on your HURDLE or DUMMY.

When GHOST is used as a disrupter, you can slide it anywhere on the shaft. The ability to place GHOST at different points on the shaft creates puck placement unpredictability for each of your HURDLE or DUMMY stations. Using multiple GHOSTS creates even more challenge and new progressions.


At only 6” wide, GHOST offers the tightest and fastest north/south puck placement and skating technique through the HURDLE, when compared to the wider MOON and LINK. However the narrow width of GHOST will make your HURDLE less stable, when compared to the MOON or LINK. This may be something to consider if your players are exclusively beginners; or if you run your sessions with little or no help and don’t want to be distracted with resetting upset HURDLES. If SET and FORGET is what you need, using GHOST as your support may not be ideal.

Nevertheless, due to its compact size many Instructors prefer GHOST as the main support on both the MINISTICK and the STICK.



NORRIS and MANNY function as an EBH SUPPORT as well as they have notches that allow for STICK/MINISTICK to make it the ultimate life size HURDLE or DUMMY!
Visit the EBH BLOCKER page for more info.


 Hockey Touch Example